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Braveart, or If William Wallace Were to Take Up Sketching
February 1, 2014, 11:51 pm
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When I was taking Ceramics, my teacher told us to make a bunch of mugs, which we did. Then, we were told to take out two… and trash the rest in the bucket she strolled around the room carrying. Unfortunately, no one did that in watercolor class. The lesson?
Don’t get too attached to your work. Watercolor and Pen & Ink require confidence. Not a lot of forgiveness in those mediums. They’re the jersey dress in the wardrobe of art.
There’s comfort in lots of lines; skill in just one. There’s second-chances in layers of paint; sudden-death in one.

So I find myself caring too much— I need to be willing to screw up an entire piece. Need to let myself practice.



Here’s the first completed piece in a series of Downton Abbey pieces that will have prints for sale on Etsy. Maybe no one will buy them, but considering the success the porcelain versions of Scarlett O’Hara and Diana have had from the little paper ads in USA Today…I’m hopeful.

In non-Pen&Ink news… I made this tonight. Don’t nobody go and link-bomb me on the 7 ways I violated my body…

Orange Vanilla Gorilla Bread

Orange Vanilla Gorilla Bread