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Hello 2014, Nice to Meet You
January 11, 2014, 5:13 pm
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Just having a baby is a good place to begin a new year… considering you are re-discovering fashion after packing up maternity wear. Rediscovering a waist-ine that you forgot was a built-in feature.  Getting past those beginning days of getting used to a new person and finding a way to return to normal activity…

Wilder doesn’t approve of life outside of human contact, but thanks to the Moby and a toddler that still takes beautiful naps… art is a possibility.  There’s a “thing” going around facebook–a pay-it-forward-art-project. I have 5 projects to do…which gives me the wonderful opportunity to practice. So thank you, my 5 guinea pigs…

So, there’s a photo order for me waiting at Walgreens….references. Here’s a peak at what I’ll be working on…

This first gem was taken by Megan Creps….




Where the Wild Things Are
March 5, 2013, 11:45 pm
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At last. Thank goodness no one ever tells us how long it will take us to accomplish our little projects. Or about the dozens that sit forever unfinished, like my scrapbook of my freshman year.

Kingston finally has his painting installed above his crib. This is why I need deadlines! I’m pleased with the turnout–it ended up very strong. Pleased, too, since I wasn’t sure how to render his cross-hatching technique with oil paint. Didn’t accomplish his exact effect, but you know…. maybe that’s a good thing considering I’m already committing blatant plagiarism.

On other news…I’m falling down on the painting an hour a day. But I’m working out with Jillian Michaels. Shredding I should say. Apparently my ducks don’t go in rows… they come quacking in and out on a whim.

_MG_7193 _MG_7191 _MG_7186


A Birthday Fit for a King
February 20, 2013, 7:59 pm
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Counting us, the Lekosheres, there were 61 people who celebrated Kingston’s first birthday. Mercifully the day was beautiful. Colder than a party in a garage would make ideal, but so much better than February could have coughed up. On that Saturday, the realization came to me, that without help I would not have finished the preparations. I was in over my head and hadn’t even known. What would we do without opportune friends in our life? (Or parents that watch birthday children so their parties can be prepared for. But that goes without saying, as when you become a parent you sign up to be taken advantage of by your children for the rest of your existence.)

Anyway. I’m not sure when I began working on the party, but it felt like so much work. Doing crafts when you have an almost 1 year old… well you work in 10 minute increments, the last 3 minutes of which you are madly rushing about narrating what you’re doing in a loud sing-songy voice, distracting the stream of whining coming from your child. Not the best work environment for getting things done. :)

Originally, I was going to go with a Three Billy Goats Gruff theme…. until I finally acknowledged that there wasn’t really much, if anything, that represented the theme. So I dropped it for just plain goat.  Haven’t attended many Goat-Themed parties? Well, you probably haven’t attended many parties where a little Samburu 1 year old was involved. :) We partied Kenyan-style… we had a goat roast. Acquired one from a farm, Sawaya and his Kenyan friend killed and prepared it that morning, then another friend helped him roast it. My house smelled like goat; Sawaya’s shirt was covered in goat.

We also served pulled pork-many thanks to my brother who shredded it for me! beans, thanks to another friend, mac and cheese, thanks to another friend, chipati, thanks…. well you get the picture.

Lora and I made a goat cake the night before, then with collective effort, made goat cupcakes the day of. Kingston received two goats for his birthday—man-made, stuffed toys, not for slaying.

The party was busy busy for me and cold for my guests. But I hope everyone had a good time. Kingston got some good loot.  Guess when you slay a goat, people come prepared to party. :) Seriously, thanks everyone!


Kingston's Birthday Banner will be made into a quilt...the invitations were blank quilt squares for the guests to personalize...

Kingston’s Birthday Banner will be made into a quilt…the invitations were blank quilt squares for the guests to personalize…

_MG_6995 _MG_6998 _MG_6999

The Chalkboard Pictures of Kingston's 1st Year

The Chalkboard Pictures of Kingston’s 1st Year

_MG_7005IMG_7102 IMG_7054 IMG_7047

I Am Mother
May 2, 2012, 11:41 pm
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Nannied today. Naturally things turned chaotic in front of Edward’s parent. His daddy came home, changed him, tried to put him down. I changed Kingston and Kingston did what all good little boys do under the influence of fresh air on a part normally covered… So I changed his outfit as well. Edward did not sleep and raised the roof. Kingston decided he desired to eat and wept bitterly. So, there, at the end of my shift were two screaming little pairs of lungs and a stressed nanny. Put Kingston in the car, he did not sleep, so we found a shady patch of roadside to park the car. I fished him from the back and gave him something to eat. Afterward, when he had properly spit up on mama I returned him to his seat. A nice man in a car asked if I were ok. “Oh yes. I just have an infant.”

Yes, kind sir. I am mother. I do not find it necessary to change an outfit just because another person spit up on me. I leave cups of coffee to cool and a sink full of soapy water and unwashed dishes. Once I planned dinner. Now I plan showers.  I have been known to go to bed without brushing my teeth. I get boogies out of someone else’s nose—with my bare hand. I now know red lights induce crying. And that successfully getting a baby put down asleep is the equivalent of Ready-Set-Go! for a to-do list.  I realize that two hands are unnecessary–God was just being nice.  I once got Vogue in the mail. Now I get coupons for baby food. I have cotton patching every part of me that might start leaking randomly. I haven’t had a baby in my belly for three months, but I’m still wearing maternity. I share physical characteristics with a cow. And it has nothing to do with producing milk. I haven’t slept longer than four or five hours in a row since February 5th.

Yes, kind sir, I am mother. And I’m obsessed. I look at pictures of him again and again. I stare at his little face, and wrists, and beautiful hands. I have a person whose favorite place in the world is snuggled against me. (I would have two such persons were it not for the existence of golf courses.) I have tan, chubby little thighs to admire, and someone to tell Love You’s to. And one day, the I Love You’s will be whispered in return. One day there will be Happy Mother’s Day wishes and walls papered with abstract renditions of myself in Crayola red.

Yes, I am mother.

A Jane Austen Life
April 16, 2012, 7:02 pm
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My son is talking on his activity mat. He has a darling habit of taking a wonderful morning nap. Today, I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, tidied up.

The beginning of my last week was a Jane Austen life… Monday, cousin Wendy came over, went for a long walk, sat on the porch with coffee and tea and talked. Tuesday I visited Brookins (more tea), then visited my parents and had dinner. Wednesday, friends came along, more coffee, more porch; then a walk with Sarah.

Friday I went strawberry picking, then to an Illyria Potter show. Came home with a mug that was a mushroom (or toad– it’s debated) in another life, and three pieces that are becoming a necklace.

Saturday night, then, we had dinner with our friends upstairs, and family game night at the parents. Haven’t laughed like that in I-don’t-know-when!

Oh, and art? Why, yes. Thanks for asking. I AM painting. And to resume crafting. And to post pictures next blog.



Where the Wild Things Are
January 26, 2012, 11:13 pm
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One of these days, I’ll be able to show you the crib set up .:) As is, it is missing mattress pad, sheet, and painting. By the time all of these are photographed, there may be a baby tossed in the mix! My due date is WEDNESDAY, February the 1st. I have a baby shower (yay) on Saturday, so baby stay put! :)

Originally I had a plan to do a Curious George book cover for this painting. Then, for reasons that may become obvious and shall not be explained now–watch your comments those of you who figure it out-no telling!– it occurred to me to use material from Where the Wild Things Are. How many of you artists learned to draw, partly, from copying Disney illustrations? Well, you don’t have to grow out of copying other people’s art. :) Now, ask me how I’m going–or if I’m going– to achieve the details of his work with oil paint?

Here’s the painting thus far. A loverly gallery canvas purchased intentionally. Does the baby have a swing? A hamper? An Activity Mat? No, no. But will he have a gallery canvas above his crib? Priorities for the little man.


Preparing for Baby
January 15, 2012, 11:05 pm
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A Saturday, yay! Did four loads of laundry… got the baby carrier ready for his royal highness. Went to Target and bought a sweater for the little manm and a trashcan for his diapers. Sorted a junk drawer, helped to partly assemble a crib. (missing a couple important pieces-do check for missing pieces when purchasing from craigslist)

Sawaya left for VA today, where he is performing his Internal Medicine Rotation and staying on call for a wife in labor. :)

*baby not included*

thanks Brooke and Ian!


this little sleeper going to the birthing center with us:)


bath towels and washcloths

little guy doesn't even know clothing exists...