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Hello 2014, Nice to Meet You
January 11, 2014, 5:13 pm
Filed under: baby days

Just having a baby is a good place to begin a new year… considering you are re-discovering fashion after packing up maternity wear. Rediscovering a waist-ine that you forgot was a built-in feature.  Getting past those beginning days of getting used to a new person and finding a way to return to normal activity…

Wilder doesn’t approve of life outside of human contact, but thanks to the Moby and a toddler that still takes beautiful naps… art is a possibility.  There’s a “thing” going around facebook–a pay-it-forward-art-project. I have 5 projects to do…which gives me the wonderful opportunity to practice. So thank you, my 5 guinea pigs…

So, there’s a photo order for me waiting at Walgreens….references. Here’s a peak at what I’ll be working on…

This first gem was taken by Megan Creps….




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Good luck on your new year’s projects! I have the “Dream” painting of yours hanging up in the guest room – EVERYONE gets swept up in it and loves it!

Comment by illumenme

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