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Of Food, of Castles
October 7, 2013, 12:47 pm
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My assessment of German food, albeit a novice one. German fare is what one may expect from an orderly, industrious people. Straightforward. Well prepared; hearty. Noodles are frequent, thick gravies are rich and warm. Meat well done. Breads are fresh, grainy, cheeses flavorful, vegetables vinegary.


I’ve tried Schnitzel and noodle (hear-hear Julie Andrews!), and these balled-things called Knodel, once made of potato, once of bread crumbs. I preferred the bread-crumb one. Very much like Thanksgiving Stuffing.

DSCF5265 DSCF5408 DSCF5404 DSCF5403

The other day, my mother in law and I visited the convent. “Don’t come back a nun,” said my father in law to his wife. We went with a small group of ladies. The tour would have been better had it been in English (although my mother in law dutifully translated parts for me ) and had the tour guide not found it necessary to dunk herself in perfume before hand. Fascinating to see buildings from hundreds of years ago–back when the USA had….teepees?


Oh yes, a word on castles. Here, I’ve noticed they tend to become restaurants. Now, the American in you may say “They put a dishwasher in a castle?!” Yes, yes, they do. But then you can have a nice cappuccino and one of the best slices of apple pie you’ve ever tasted. The real crime comes from the Coke machine in the monk’s former dining room, or the Coke tables in the castle courtyard. Oh yes, they do that too. I suppose when your country is liberally doted with old buildings that demand upkeep…. well, Coke plays a part.

DSCF5360 DSCF5365

One may think, from my photos, that my mom in law has put us on an ice-cream-a-day diet. One would not be far wrong. There’s ice cream restaurants here–complete with menus. One particular one had a dish designed to look like Spaghetti. Delish, of course.



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Phil had the “Spaghetti” When was in Germany as part of his high school senior trip. He still mentions it now and then. :)

Comment by PhilipandBethany Herwaldt

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