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Mehr, Bitte
September 27, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Germany and I have had an ongoing disagreement about the importance of a top-sheet, but we made peace today over a hazelnut ice-cream sundae and a cappuccino.

Today was a little outing with Oma & Kingston. I picked up some nice trinkets. Lucky lucky me, the Germans put out Christmas decorations in September. And if you’ve never seen German Christmas decor, well then. You do not understand my luck.

Tonight we had potato salad made with bullion (German-style), fish sticks with a homemade dip, that yummy tomato, basil, cheese “salad” that has a name to it I can’t think of. Fresh avocado, pickles.

Two days ago we were invited to a ladies Bible study, breakfast included. And what a breakfast! The bread basket alone was a work of miracles. There was butter in a tiny dish at each place, sugar cubes, cherry tomato halves placed on colored pepper halves. Strong coffee in tiny porcelain cups, with saucers. Meats, cheeses, fruits, chocolate to finish. And Kingston got his own bag of animal crackers and two whipped yogurts. My son is chub’ing up. He needed a little. At three today he ate noodles and chicken, and then a good size helping of potato salad at dinner.



We drove up to a little mountain the other day. Reminded me of Box’s Hill from Emma. It would, in fact, have been a perfect location for a picnic flirtation with Frank Churchhill. Or, if you are in fact married, a picnic and a novel of Frank Churchhill.

Anyway, there were mushrooms. And grass. Can we grow grass on our mountains, South Carolina??!




Tomorrow, my mother-in-law (bless her) thought to include me in a ladies’ outing to an old convent. Yes, please. I will wear a scandalously bright dress. There will be a lunch, and coffee.


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