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A Birthday Fit for a King
February 20, 2013, 7:59 pm
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Counting us, the Lekosheres, there were 61 people who celebrated Kingston’s first birthday. Mercifully the day was beautiful. Colder than a party in a garage would make ideal, but so much better than February could have coughed up. On that Saturday, the realization came to me, that without help I would not have finished the preparations. I was in over my head and hadn’t even known. What would we do without opportune friends in our life? (Or parents that watch birthday children so their parties can be prepared for. But that goes without saying, as when you become a parent you sign up to be taken advantage of by your children for the rest of your existence.)

Anyway. I’m not sure when I began working on the party, but it felt like so much work. Doing crafts when you have an almost 1 year old… well you work in 10 minute increments, the last 3 minutes of which you are madly rushing about narrating what you’re doing in a loud sing-songy voice, distracting the stream of whining coming from your child. Not the best work environment for getting things done. :)

Originally, I was going to go with a Three Billy Goats Gruff theme…. until I finally acknowledged that there wasn’t really much, if anything, that represented the theme. So I dropped it for just plain goat.  Haven’t attended many Goat-Themed parties? Well, you probably haven’t attended many parties where a little Samburu 1 year old was involved. :) We partied Kenyan-style… we had a goat roast. Acquired one from a farm, Sawaya and his Kenyan friend killed and prepared it that morning, then another friend helped him roast it. My house smelled like goat; Sawaya’s shirt was covered in goat.

We also served pulled pork-many thanks to my brother who shredded it for me! beans, thanks to another friend, mac and cheese, thanks to another friend, chipati, thanks…. well you get the picture.

Lora and I made a goat cake the night before, then with collective effort, made goat cupcakes the day of. Kingston received two goats for his birthday—man-made, stuffed toys, not for slaying.

The party was busy busy for me and cold for my guests. But I hope everyone had a good time. Kingston got some good loot.  Guess when you slay a goat, people come prepared to party. :) Seriously, thanks everyone!


Kingston's Birthday Banner will be made into a quilt...the invitations were blank quilt squares for the guests to personalize...

Kingston’s Birthday Banner will be made into a quilt…the invitations were blank quilt squares for the guests to personalize…

_MG_6995 _MG_6998 _MG_6999

The Chalkboard Pictures of Kingston's 1st Year

The Chalkboard Pictures of Kingston’s 1st Year

_MG_7005IMG_7102 IMG_7054 IMG_7047


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