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A Word on Valentine’s Day, or, A Rant
February 16, 2013, 3:42 pm
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I like holidays. It makes the sunshine happier. It gives the whole country an energy. Everyone’s mind is on the same thing, and since it’s not political, it’s a happy thing. But….

People love to hate on valentine’s. People say things like “If we want to go out, we just go out whenever.” or “We say we love  each other every day.”

In that case….

I am thankful every day…

I celebrate Jesus’ birthday every day…

I study Black History every month….

Then there’s the whole guys hate it because of the expectations forced upon them. Really? You really want to go there? You poor thing, one day a year you have expectations?  Welcome to the world of Women Every Day. We pluck, and tweeze, laser and wax our God-given hair off our skin that has been properly prepared with Retina-A anti wrinkle cream, Nighttime, and Pore-reducing oil-free cleanser, Daytime. We wear shoes that should have a Surgeon’s General Warning attached. We carrry children in our abdomens and then wear spanx the rest of our lives to look like we didn’t. We color, cut, spray, curl, straighten. We deny the brownie worth 3 points for the fake cookie worth 1. And still feel guilty. And after all that, some guy slouched in his truck, staring at us over his beer belly decides that we’re a bit of a dog and really need to take care of ourselves better. So excuse us for having expectations of you for exactly one day a year. :)

Just to clarify, my man gave me chocolates, flowers, and a date. :) I made the men in my life message pillows. The idea came from a magazine, not original.

DSCF3919 DSCF3918 DSCF3917


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I am sharing this- your point about Christmas is exactly what I was thinking the other day. Good post!

Comment by Kate S.

Best Valentine’s Rant ever! Exactly on point. Oh and I want that typewriter pillow!!

Comment by oliver's fancy

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