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Meats for the Belly and the Belly for Meats…
January 26, 2013, 10:37 am
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Blame Paul for that less-than-lovely depiction.

Happy Saturday everyone. This past week+ has seen our home turn into an infirmary, and my baby go from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. Me too, back and forth, bud unfortunately that’s normal. :)

Yesterday, I didn’t paint anything. Yes, Kingston wouldn’t go to sleep, but also, I used some of my extra time that day (due to “snow day”) to work on birthday stuff. Birthday Party two weeks away! Today’s hour of painting will be goat tracks on 50+ feet of table runner. In other birthday news, we may have located a goat. :) Sawaya going to check it out today.

Speaking of food…. I’m 3/3 from the Rachel Ray mag. As in, tried 3, liked 3. I have more time at work for magazines, did I mention? Add a work-wide memo reminding us that internet is banned for personal use+taking my bike away  (what!) and you get more mag time. At least I’ve retained my lava lamp. Hey, a girl’s gotta do something while a phone rings in her ear for 5 hours a day.

I am officially obsessed with food. I will never be a vegan, or a vegetarian, or a woman who can’t have a reeces cup. Won’t happen. Oh, maybe in spurts, as in diets, but that brief and painful experience won’t become my life. You know that woman that gets interviewed in some magazine and asked what her guilty pleasure is and she says “Organic dark chocolate.” (which does not qualify due to being too healthy) That is not me. And never will be. Moving on. Here’s some photos. #1. Rachel Ray Super Bowl Appetizer. #2. My version of my mom’s taco recipe. I had an Ah Ha moment (excuse me Oprah) and turned plain taco dough into Lime/Cilantro and Jalapeno/Cheese. Better success with the jalapeno. #3 Jalapeno and Hominy Soup from RR that is actually good for you.



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Taco shells not out of a box! You rock, Mary!!!

Comment by barbellsandbuttercream

Those look like heavenly chipati’s to go with goat stew in Kenya rather than jalapeno chicken soup with “taco” shells :-) I’m so in for trying this. Email me “chipati” recipe :=) By the way, were you thinking of and describing me on the woman you will never be in regards to food? ;-D

Comment by Kaylene

ha ha! They aren’t actually chipatis… but I’ll email the taco recipe and you can tweak it. Like I cook it with olive oil and leave them thicker, which make them like chipati. I made them to be filled with grilled chicken, tomato, chick peas etc etc… we had taco nite. :) the soup was another day and would be nicer with biscuits.

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

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