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Happy New Years!
January 5, 2013, 12:56 am
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A testament to my new life that my posting about new years resolution comes on January four. And a mere 22 minutes from January five. Welcome, motherhood. Anyway, to begin. I love love love to make lists. I make them at work, while the phone rings over my headset. I map out all the things I must accomplish that day. I fold the list and put it in my pocket; I arrive home, change out of my uniform and set said list on the bed. And it doesn’t get done. So, for a list-lover, New Years is Mecca. And being 100% genuine human, I envision myself in 2013 being that version of myself which is, in fact, a myth. I haven’t ever been that person. In 2013 my days will march on unstressed and organized. I will rise in a timely fashion; present myself at work with a manicured appearance (ponytail holders, I think, were invented about 5 minutes after the creation of Eve). I will complete my day at work, make dinner, cuddle my son, paint, do some handywork during a night show, clean up the kitchen, and retire from a neat living room to bed with time to read the latest biography I’ve borrowed from the library. Reality looks more like last night, stressed over keeping #2 on my list, snapping at my husband, up past midnight painting while watching the re-play of E! news, taking a break to care for crying baby. :) But I kept it. How does it go? Where there’s life, there’s hope? DSCF3606



This year’s plan– to include my resolutions in my blog. So, when I blog, at least on some posts, I’ll check up with my resolutions.  “Here’s an art show I went to this weekend. Arms still fat.”

Therefore, you see my 6 resolutions. #1-never done it. #2That’s potentially a painting a week! #3. Sigh. The ongoing habit. A friend once said to me on one of my growing stints “Mary! You have nails!” #4 Don’t laugh, I’ve got one in the works (which I’ve stopped working on about 2 years ago) #5 The self-publishing children’s book opportunity is still on–more on that later. #6. Two Words. Kelly Ripa.

Ok people–sharing time. What’s yours?



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I am so not good at resolution keeping that mine is always not to make any! Which I automatically don’t keep… But, you know ;)

Comment by Kate S.

I love your resolutions… And the way you listed them! I resolved to return to pre-baby weight, develop a cleaning system/schedule within 6 weeks postpartum, stick to my grocery budget, make sure family bills are paid on time and reconcile bank statements, and lastly read more often. A lot of these don’t apply for a while, but I’ve already started reading more, and I have started poking around for cleaning schedule inspiration. I need to catch up on the receipts I’ve been keeping to see how I’m doing on the grocery budget. Do you stick to a grocery budget?

Comment by Debi

If you don’t make goals, you’ll never reach any! I’m working on Number One right there with you!

Comment by barbellsandbuttercream

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