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To Grammie’s House We Go
December 12, 2012, 12:52 pm
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DSCF3037We are up north. Enter freezing temps, flat scenery, yankee houses. Reminds me of trips to my own Grandma’s in MI. Grandma was one of those that re-created Mt. Everest in the form of wrapped packages around the tree. For a kid, that’s paradise.

Now, we’re at Kingston’s Grammie’s house. one of Sawaya’s adopted moms, being pampered. Unlike the rest of us cupcake consuming Americans, she knows a thing or twelve about being truly healthy. So we are feasting on coffee with real nutmeg and organic heavy cream, organic eggs from her beautiful hen collection outside, and popcorn on the stove topped with legit butter and sea salt. Sigh. :) Kingston is adjusting to a new place, which ranks on his top-terror-list. Grampie and Uncle Jake are of the rather tall variety. When they walked in last night, Kingston bawled.

I’m taking advantage of this down-time-no-work-built-in-very-eager-babysitter to work on art projects. Got my Christmas card to work on (it’s only Decemeber 12th, don’t judge), etsy to work on, blogging to do, etc.

Here’s a couple items that I’ve just posted to Etsy… gave them as a Baby Shower gift recently to a fellow literary friend.





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And I love them!

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