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A Birthday Party
December 1, 2012, 2:50 pm
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There’s something inherently exciting about a 1 year old’s birthday party. Probably something to do with the fact that it’s much more thrilling to watch someone open a princess castle than a iTunes gift card. Some think that putting so much fuss into something that they will not remember is pointless. Those people need to watch 50 First Dates.  Or talk to someone who was drunk at their wedding.

Celebrating a child’s first birthday is more than just a chance for adults to give other adults the most annoying musical toy possible. It gives the chance to celebrate this wonderful person who has invaded your world and become such a vital part; to celebrate this little thing that arrived as a soft, wrinkled package of elbows and knees and has turned into a miniature person, complete with personality and sense of humor.  A first year birthday honors you as the parent, a brand-new person. A person who has a children’s book memorized; the correct ounces of Tylenol to give and how often; what snacks are appropriate for what occasion. This birthday marks a year now that you’ve worried about the volume of the car radio, viewed shopping as a mixture of pleasure and unadulterated horror,  and realized that to forget a paci is the greatest error a human can commit.

For some reason, no matter that human life has droned on and on now for thousands of years, bringing billions of babies into the world; no matter that every creature from us down to creepy centipedes are reproducing; no matter that most of these precious wee ones turn into grumpy adults with bad fashion, we continue to find hope and cause to rejoice in new life.

So yes, I am planning my son’s birthday. Right now the guest list has about 50 people on it and the invitations will be hand-made and interactive.  For my niece’s birthday I made cloth signs and found the results pleasing. Now, if my future 8th or 9th child finds their first birthday to be a candle crammed in a dinner roll covered in canned icing…. please don’t let them near this blog post.

Follows some pictures from Callie’s party. My sister-in-law went all out! Nicely decorated.








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