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“Healthy Milkshakes”
August 16, 2012, 6:04 pm
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My neighbor’s recipe. You must try. I use whole milk, unlike them, hence changing the recipe some and making it, probably, creamier. Like my commas? :) Also I use more vanilla, I think.

They call them healthy milkshakes, but you might think smoothie.  The varieties are endless. A blender makes three smoothies comfortably, but can be limited to two.  I do.

Base Recipe is this:

1/2 c. sugar

1/2 cup milk  (again, I use whole. But you could use half n half :) )

3 capfuls (an acceptable standard of measurement according to my mother) of imitation vanilla flavoring. The vanilla plays a big role–I’ve used three diff kinds and like the imitation stuff.

A blender full of Ice–fill it up! Don’t skimp.

Now Add Any of the Following:

A couple of Peaches

Crushed Oreos

A blend of frozen rasberries and blueberries

A Banana, Strawberries, and some Vanilla flavored Protein Powder (I’m eating this now–yum)


Instant coffee and mini chocolate chips


Ok, now if you try this do NOT change the portions until you’ve tried it. Don’t, for instance, be a snob and cut the sugar in half and then claim this recipe is nothin’ special. :)



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I know this is for a “milkshake,” but I personally prefer the simplicity blending fruit and fruit juice together. And if the fruit is frozen you don’t have to bother with the ice either. If you want to make it extra healthy a few cups of raw spinach does the trick. But be warned, the color may be a bit off-putting.

Comment by masire

I miss those South Carolina peaches. Sigh…

Comment by barbellsandbuttercream

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