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August 15, 2012, 11:14 pm
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My Uncle Bill Wagner’s cabin sign

I’m one of those people who clings to their heritage–that enjoys finding matching ear lobes and deformed rib cages in the gene pool. My Opa worked with wood–he built furniture, including the dresser inscribed “Mary Grace 1989” that now hold Kingston’s clothes. He also carved. He carved a cane when he came to need one, that looked like a stick with a big thumb on the end. He carved Totem Poles and, for me,  a little wooden girl named Betsy when I badly wanted a sister.

I also have Uncles that work in wood, and Aunts, and a brother that made a hope chest for his fiancee.

One Christmas, my thoughtful husband bought me a passel of art supplies. (Passel is my new favorite word).  Among them, a beautiful chisel set, one that I’ve not used til recently. Now, I’ve made something. I’ve carved a sign, and it was fun doing it. It was family.

So. A new studio name, from my newest family. In my husband’s tribe, the Samburus,  a woman doesn’t go by her last name, but by that of her eldest son. Imagine the pressure–not only was I naming him, but naming myself.



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