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August 11, 2012, 7:30 pm
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mushrooms from the neighbor’s yard

Maybe I would have been better off to have been born without ambition. Maybe I would be satisfied with a 9-5 Walmart on the weekends existence.  As it is, I want to accomplish things.  I have ideas to be painted, words bursting inside my brain to be written down. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like I’m drowning… while my to-do list goes unfinished and the baby cries and endless dinners need to be cooked and the laundry! the laundry has a life of its own. And I don’t even iron. Maybe then, I wouldn’t look at a day as a time to accomplish, but as a chance to dwell, to stay, to be still in the realities around me… the comforts of my home, the love of my husband, the affections of my baby son.

Children’s Literature

I hope no one remembered that I said I’d have an open Etsy shop August first. Let’s get one thing very clear. Never, never take any time frame I suggest seriously.

On the upside, my new/old job at the Dr’s office now has doodle-time. I call people—hundreds a day—and tell them when to come, remind them of appointments that they don’t remember they made. And I have a pen in my hand and a blank side of computer paper and time to doodle while phones ring endlessly and  old men amble in the next room to look at their calendar.  So I made a list of projects, while the phone rang, and the list has 38 projects. Thirty Eight. Shallwe?

African Tea Party


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