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July 10, 2012, 2:24 pm
Filed under: Esty Shop!

As you prehaps have realized at some point in your life… there are things one could do, but chooses not to for sake of time and focus. Being an artist with a vision of where I want to go with it, I choose to not get into other areas… like refurbishing furniture. Not that I won’t one day… :) I am doing, however, a little bit of crafting. We’ll see how it goes. It will stock the shelves of my etsy shop. What shop? you say. Why thanks for asking. The shop with has been bare and gathering cobwebs and hosting gatherings of mice and not of men. Sigh.

Well, well, a grand Re-Launch is planned for….wait for it…. August 1st! I’ve a to-do list for my etsy shop, which I spilled coffee over yesterday. That’s probably a bad omen, but I continue on. So, a new name, a banner created and successfully installed this time–eep! and an oh-so-exciting new product come September! Hurray!

Pictures. Please get the humor of the onsies. They must be seen with humor.

Hairbows, or without clip–added to whatever you wish!




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