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Saturday, from the Kitchen
June 30, 2012, 9:55 pm
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So I tried the squash chips. Got impatient. Turned up the oven heat…. ohwell.

So baking is nothing but heartache and disappointment. And that is just a wee bit of an overstatement. :) I remembered seeing scones on a blog I follow once… and dug into the archives to find it. Blueberries are in season over here at 2012 Little Texas. Made blueberry and peach oatmeal pancakes this morning (used a mix, don’t give over much credit;) Also from the kitchen today came scones, vanilla butter, squash casserole, three rounds of coffee, salad, venison tenderloin in gravy with rice,  a bloody finger from the very sharp knife which works wonders on fresh squash and shouldn’t be submerged in dishwater. Kingston, in case you didnt’ guess already, took a beautiful nap.


So anyway, the scones. Well, I had on hand organic pastry flour. One might think that would be a good choice… as it turns out, the scones were grainy. And I couldn’t get them to bake through. Not sure what was wrong…. maybe I shouldn’t have lowered the heat. They are easy to assemble– will try again with different flour! Here’s the recipe–let me know how you fare!




In other news, the squash casserole was yummy. Good ole

I painted today as well… working on Belle for a friend’s nursery. Disney, not a fineart, mixed with oil paint, one of the finest of art-stuffs, is actually a nice combination. It’s not done, and there is no picture as of yet. When there is a picture, I will blog it.


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