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Progress and New Inspiration
June 4, 2012, 5:54 pm
Filed under: In Transit

party has come and gone…and she received 1/2 of her gift– two of the paintings were completed. A third is largely underway. I’ve talked with a photographer friend about doing the In Transit show together–paint and photography. Together we could do pieces from Kenya, Germany, Vancouver, Peru, Hawaii, Chicago, and good ole Gvegas. :) Anyway, more on that later, and I’ll keep plugging away at paintings. Lately, I remembered watercolor and felt inspired. I’ve spent sooo much time doing illustrations by watercolor, but I want to turn back to the finer side of art and do some paintings. Watercolor is a bit ellusive for me. But I can try to pin down its magic unto paper.

In other news. I have a new ambition to do with cooking. Cooking is very much an art, ranging from mechanical pencil on lined paper to egg tempera on italian plaster. I’m somewhere in the vast in between and will probably remain there. But, since I must spend time for the forseeable future in the kitchen, I might as well challenge myself–improve myself. So I am embarking on a new recipe a week. Not difficult. Will never run out of ideas. This week, the husband departs again, signifying less time cooking, introducing dinners consisting of cheese and crackers and carrots and dip. My adventure this week will be a side dish, a simple one. I’ve fresh squash from the garden and thanks to pinterest, will be trying this out. :) Can you go wrong with anything that has the word chip in it?



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Thanks for linking my recipe to your site! Those paintings are absolutely beautiful!! :) Hope you enjoy the chips!

Comment by digintobooks

You’re welcome! the picture is great!

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

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