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Hello Mr. Monday
April 9, 2012, 7:28 pm
Filed under: Two Weeks of Work

Is Monday a Mr? Is he a stodgy man with a beard and a cardigan and glowering brow? Or prehaps a pinstriped suit and tie rushing around with briefcase in hand. Or is Monday a Ms. –a severe English teacher with a bad haircut, pressing you for information about gerund phrases…

My Mondays are different now. No time clock, no frantic phones–never call a Dr office on a Monday– no 5 o’clock traffic. Pity I must work again. Speaking of such… the transcription job fell thru. So did my getting up-at-seven-work-routine :) So what I did accomplish is printed and mailed 10 packets of illustration samples to publishing companies, resumed work on the never-ending Meg painting, took pictures for my project, toned canvas for said project + another. So, this week–paint!



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Monday is a middle-aged man who pairs solid-colored ties with his mismatched suits. Just last week he wore a black coat with blue pants and an off-white shirt. Every Thursday evening he cuts his hair short at his bathroom sink, being careful to take off his sideburns as well. For fun, he plays table tennis and enjoys playing bridge with his mother’s friends.

Comment by Dave N.

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