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Two weeks of Work
April 2, 2012, 11:50 am
Filed under: Two Weeks of Work

Perhaps some would classify me asSeasonally Lazy. One the one hand, like in college, I can run on 4 hours of sleep, paint, go to class, learn Spanish, talk to a dozen people, and clean the deli. Or at the Inn, clean rooms, iron, laundry laundry laundry, make muffins, do dishes, grocery shop. Enter the other season. I have one baby…and Live with Kelly.

Now some of you gracious of hearts will say “Oh you are a new mom! Give yourself a break. REST.” Can I call it that and get away with it? :) But there are things, work and self improvement things, that you can get done while taking care of a baby. Even a fussy one like my little man. I’ve applied for an online job of transcribing. If accepted, I will work from home (yay) which (uh oh) takes discipline. I decided, starting today, to get on a work schedule…get up at 7, to “work” at 8 and so on. Then I learned it can take 2 weeks to get accepted to said job. So I have, prehaps, two weeks to do other work. Enter artwork. Enter more blog postings. :) We’ll see how it goes… I’ve already allowed myself some facebook..

Felt pretty crummy this morning when i got out of bed, not exactly at 7. Baby does not sleep through the night. And is prehaps sleeping poorer in his crib now that we have removed his comfy infant lounger (due to finding him hanging off head first).

Well, well. As Dave Ramsey says, “The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan”–did i get it right all you FP grads?

Well, there’s some words. Here’s some art to look at, courtesy of Pinterest.




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