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Where the Wild Things Are
January 26, 2012, 11:13 pm
Filed under: baby days

One of these days, I’ll be able to show you the crib set up .:) As is, it is missing mattress pad, sheet, and painting. By the time all of these are photographed, there may be a baby tossed in the mix! My due date is WEDNESDAY, February the 1st. I have a baby shower (yay) on Saturday, so baby stay put! :)

Originally I had a plan to do a Curious George book cover for this painting. Then, for reasons that may become obvious and shall not be explained now–watch your comments those of you who figure it out-no telling!– it occurred to me to use material from Where the Wild Things Are. How many of you artists learned to draw, partly, from copying Disney illustrations? Well, you don’t have to grow out of copying other people’s art. :) Now, ask me how I’m going–or if I’m going– to achieve the details of his work with oil paint?

Here’s the painting thus far. A loverly gallery canvas purchased intentionally. Does the baby have a swing? A hamper? An Activity Mat? No, no. But will he have a gallery canvas above his crib? Priorities for the little man.



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This makes me smile, and I’m pretty sure I’ve “got it” – good job!

Comment by Patty Wagner Cordio

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