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November 6, 2011, 6:19 pm
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I’m sitting here adorned in Christmas pajama pants and eating soup. Football is on tv, scented candle is burning. I’ve been looking forward to Christmas. This season, not just Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming around, with music, pumpkin pie, sappy Halmark movies… but the storks are busy flying in. My co worker is due week after next, my sister in law has a date set for the delivery of my little niece Callie Rae. I have a shower coming up next week-my first (yay!), and a belly ever growing, a due date ever growing nearer.

Tomorrow, I have to go back to work. Nice having a dependable job. But it is an office, with a  headset and a telephone and a computer screen in front of me. And the same chair for 8 hours. Maybe if i’d worked harder, I could be a full time artist and not an office worker, but as it stands…

This evening I have a project for my mom to work on and maybe I’ll have time to work on my new crafting attempt. Hurray :) Here are some snaps of last weekend, and products from this Friday. Lora and I went to a pottery/art Christmas show. The house was lovely. We came away each with a mug and another piece. Pictured is Lora’s purchase and my mug and bowl.

13 person Taco Salad


Sunday night waffles with the Crep's and Nick

Lora picked up the piece surrounding the candle...

the mug and bowl...




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