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Jane and Janes, the Human Ones
July 25, 2011, 9:49 pm
Filed under: Family

They’re married! Last Saturday saw the fourth, and baby, Prain down the aisle.  (Good luck shaking the Jane-Prain name). A cool snap descended on Friday-wow, I was wearing a sweater and scarf. Which is shockingly cold weather for October :) We rehearsed (not the ring-giving…maybe you noticed) and ate wonderful, hearty food outside in the chilly weather. Potato Salad, beans, ribs, chicken-tortilla casserole, veggie trays, rolls and butter,  trays of cookies and rice crispie treats… I ate my way into a stomach ache.

Trey had to borrow his cousin, Callie Rae’s blanket..not that she is needing it. :)

The wedding day came, along with hair-spray and bobby pins, and gift bags (thanks for the ring pop Jane!) Oh…and that minor addition…a new brother in law. :) Nobody fainted, despite Dad’s prayer (which after waging a guessing game among some of the family yesterday proved to only be seconds over four minutes-Mom was closest), pictures were taken, cake was eaten, green paper airplanes were zoomed at the newlyweds…


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