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The Nephew, Mr. Trey (Kent Robert Prain III)
May 1, 2011, 11:20 pm
Filed under: Family

Babies are budding all ’round. One sister in law just gave birth, one is due to give birth in several months. So my first DNA sharing nephew has arrived :) Truly, I don’t know how many neices and nephews I have… I don’t know if Sawaya even knows! Considering my husband is originally one of 9… add in the siblings from the second and third wives… then there’s Samuel, the adorable nephew of the German brother, and now the one and only Trey, the American nephew. :) I’ve gotten to meet him, hold him, little fella has some trouble when he got here-low blood sugar. He was hooked up to an iv in the NICU when I met him. Here’s some photos… from Aunt Mary :)

Aunt Jane

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Is that Kent’s kid?! Good thing he got Becky’s looks. :-)

Comment by Little Bo Peep

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