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Change is in the air
February 26, 2011, 7:05 pm
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You know those If someone told me… scenarios? A mere two weeks ago I had no idea the changes coming at us. For one, I am giving up (for the most part) my cleaning business for a steady, full-time job at a doc office. A job that involves people. And coffee. And scrubs and tennis shoes and lunch breaks and “Yay it’s Friday” and those normal 9-5 sort of things. I  was thinking of pencil skirts and heels, but those visions were soon squelched. And let’s face it. Wearing scrubs saves time and creativity in the morning.

Secondly, we are moving to Greenville. Oh yes, we have to navigate the DMV again. But we avoid vehicle inspection, that little thing that South Carolina doesn’t believe in. Probably because it would instantly remove 76% of all running vehicles from the road, which would naturally result in a civil war. So I am giving up my 1940’s cabin. My wood floors and my pine walls. But I am gaining garden space, and a tv, and storage space (miracles of miracles) and a roomy kitchen and little studio spot that is better than my current carve-out of the living room.

Speaking of living spaces…I am in one of my favorite homes–homes that I have known. We are visiting friends in the mountains of NC. A kingly view of the mountains, in fading shades of blue, original artwork, carvings from Kenya, a wood stove that burns cheerily in perfect harmony to a lazy Saturday spent drinking coffee and tea and roaming through magazines. Here are some pictures of our current location. I have pictures and “tellings” of last weekend, but we are going in reverse order. One picture I do not have in spite of attempts is a picture of my husband’s father. The people we are with knew both his biological parents, and the only image we have of his father is a dying man in a hospital.


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Yay! I’m so excited that we’ll be working close to each other! And I totally agree with the scrubs thing. =) And you’re moving to Greenville?!?! Where will you guys be living?!?!

Comment by Patty

Gorgeous home and art! Hope you had a lovely time visiting your friends :)

Comment by Jess

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