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February 9, 2011, 8:34 pm
Filed under: children's books

Last week was social.  Dinner with friends on Tuesday. Get together on my Dad’s birthday with 7 cousins, an aunt and an uncle and a billion calories. Brian Regan joined later for laughs. We crashed at parent’s that night. Thursday, Sawaya departs for florida, I depart for my cousin’s house to visit with Paul and cups of coffee. Brian Regan showed up again. He’s quite the party-crasher.

Dad's birthday cake from a buckeye friend.

 Friday, Olivia and Jason come over. We go back down to parent’s house and hang out with cousins and visiting brother and wife. Saturday back down to Greenville–Book Club! Then some shopping with Olivia and back up to NC. Sunday, I take Jason to church, navigate the nursery system for the first time, then to lunch at my parent’s–with cousins and siblings and Jason. Olivia comes to the house later and we leave for a super bowl party at my pastor’s house with 30 something others and go next door to other friend’s house with more people watching. Olivia leaves that night, I come home. Now I’m hanging out with my radio and internet.

I mailed 5 packages today with publisher’s addresses on them. Three more to go. One is ready, now. The others need printed manuscripts. Our printer has no ink. I could use a working home printer. And… there are illustration packets to put together, an etsy shop that still is not up, paintings to finish.

kid's book stuff

working on the mock-up book

packages to be taken to the P.O.


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