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Coffee pairs nicely with work
February 1, 2011, 4:24 pm
Filed under: children's books

leopard forest

I left my computer cord at my parents on Sunday. As a result, I got some painting done yesterday that might not have been. Yesterday was dedicated to working on mailing my kids books and taxes. Today, my husband nicely accompanied me down to retrieve the cord and stop in a charming coffee shop, Leopard Forest to work/study. I now have 8 letters ready to be sent along with manuscript/illustration packets. And I could use a literary agent. In the meanwhile, I will continue to send along mail to publishing houses, which will be scanned and trashed. But maybe not. Four books sent out, three mine totally, one mine in illustration only. You’re not supposed to do that…illustrate your friend’s book and send it in. THAT little tidbit of knowledge, I did not discover until many illustrations later. :)


So, here we are camped out on a green couch, two cappuchinos, a cup of coffee and a cranberry orange scone later (thanks to my hubby’s sharing his birthday gift card) … I still have some work to do in the form of my ETSY shop. Ahhh….it has been more than a year since I planned on having a shop. I do have one. An empty one. So I will be working on uploading pics, writing descriptions. Let the selling begin! I am excited about having one, actually.


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