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Man Ray
January 20, 2011, 3:57 pm
Filed under: It's a popcorn night

Ok here we go. Man Ray.

I admire the man’s diligence, his career was a long one. However, I will make a confession. I do not have the most open mind about art. More open than it used to be, yes. More open than my husband, who measures art’s quality in relation to its representation of reality, yes. I am a fan of Sargent, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec. I am not a big fan of art that involves something you could stumble on in your garage after years of junk collecting. A string, straying over a piece of metal with a bolt attached. In general, I don’t spend a lot of time studying this sort of “art”…oh don’t hate me for putting in those quotation marks…but watching Man Ray yesterday I actually exclaimed out loud in, well, disgust. Not all his pieces. Actually I admire some of his photography pieces. Here, I’ll show one I like, then some I’m not so crazy about. :) And in case you’re thinking of me now quite on the other side of things…no, I do not have a Thomas Kinkade hanging in my house.  There, I’ve gathered haters in both fields. Well, no more talk. Take a look. What think you?

this is beautiful

i like the use of outline...

art? or is the emporer naked?


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