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January 19, 2011, 8:31 pm
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One of the advantages of attaining a degree in art, is attaining an impressive collection of art acquaintances. Christin O’Bryan designed my senior art show with Jocelyn Howard. She did an incredible job. I have no samples to show you, but instead I have her blog now added to my blog-roll. :) So you can take a look. This all came about because of the sketchbook project, which she took part in as well. Now, I’m contemplating going to Atlanta as well to look at the tour. hmmm. Art trip anyone? Working on Lizzy, just finished a documentary on Man Ray. A movie-review to follow. If you’re a huge Man Ray fan…. well… don’t read it.

Pictures of Lizzy to follow. Yes, before bed. Now go-a-bloggin’!


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I was just thinking of those pictures we took of you for your show the other day and wondered where they were. Then I remembered that was before I had a digital camera. Was film really that recent? Christin’s blog is awesome!

Comment by Amy Copeland

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