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January 18, 2011, 6:18 pm
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I sent in an incomplete sketchbook. They gave us that option, and I took it. Now we’ll see if anyone checks it out. :) It’s a good thing to join up for stuff like this–keep a little fire under your pants. Click this if you don’t know what project I’m referring to. Anyway, I’ve some of it for sharing in today’s post.

Today is an art day. :) I wish that I didn’t have to work an every-day job. I have a lovely daydream about a studio of my own…in a house full of working artists. Love that environment. Of a large wooden work table, a book shelf or two. Some cheery pots of growing things about, music of the day playing, coffee, tea, slippers…

Maybe I could actually realize this if I did that little thing called work and not just dreamed. Well, as the every-day job has waned, I have more time to paint. A real golden opportunity. Now, just to take it! Tell you what, I’m excited about the Lizzy painting– about the whole show I’m planning. I’ll give out invitations, make a facebook event, make little nice things to eat, get my sister to help me out….what’s stopping me? Work. I’ll show you Lizzy tomorrow. Hope you love it.

In the airport



yet again...

burger and fries during a lay-over in Houston

At Haddon House--the B&B where we stayed

Haddon House

Correction: not Haddon House-my house :)

Haddon House

Sawaya studying

some of my studio...


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An incomplete sketchbook from you is like 300 sketchbooks from anyone else!! I sent in a sketchbook yesterday too – hoping to catch the event in Atlanta and will def. look for your book.

Can’t wait to see what you’re painting – Christin

Comment by illumenme

[…] class. I was definitely always envious of her serious talent and whimsical style. Check out a preview of her book on her blog, Mary Lekoshere […]

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