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In Which Andrew Wyeth Finds Himself at Mary’s House
January 14, 2011, 6:03 pm
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Today, we went thrifting. Today, after more than 7 months of living here I have emptied two of the cardboard box “containers” in my kitchen. Today the thrift stores yielded the needed shelf and a utensil crock. Then, true to the dangers of shopping, I came home with an unecessary purchase…but one that was too much to pass up! This is a print of the painting Ground Hog Day by Andrew Wyeth. Not only am I a fan, but I think in Kenya this piece could serve as a glimpse of home. And, if nothing else, it made me clear off my kitchen table. :)

And maybe one day I’ll actually come home with that kitchen table from Ikea and fold up the card-table. As for the utensil crock… let’s just keep that as our secret. Don’t tell the artist of this hand blown vase (or Tiramisu dish, whatever it was made for) that it was purchased for $5 at a thrift shop to hold endless wooden spoons. :)

not created for spices...never-the-less...

ignore the blur...

rage on in jealousy my friends.

Hand-blown glass vase


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Good finds! I have a postcard print of the Wyeth painting from when I went to the Brandywine River Museum. You can tour the farmhouse that inspired this painting…as well as many of his other works.

Comment by Sara C

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