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Vancouver Day 6 or Fine Dining
January 4, 2011, 1:32 am
Filed under: Vancouver

Church in the morning–very similar to our home church in Greenville. After church we came home, sauntered out for a walk with Dutch, and came home to warm, crusty Quiche.

After lunch, Marie-Louise, Sawaya, Rinade and I made it to the little Burnaby art gallery. But photos were not allowed, so I can’t show you the exhibit. The house was a beautiful 100 year-old species. We had nice sunshine for walking. Actually our time here has been exceptional weather–sunny in Vancouver–for days on end!

When we returned from the walk we packed in again to the cars and drove off to the old-folks home for singing. Interrupting the endless noise of the tv, singing to the rows of ancient people, some of them their minds gone ahead of their bodies to the grave.  Old age is a strange thing we live with– we none of us know how it will take to us. How long we will journey into it. But we all know it will come, that inevitable entropy of our once strong, vibrant bodies. Our iron masks over our eternal spirits. 

After arriving home, we had coffee and time to relax until dinner. Dinner was an extravagant affair– the nicest restaurant in Burnaby. A pretty woman in a strappy black dress checked our coats. Funny, McDonalds doesn’t do that for you. They brought menus ( not covered over in plastic) and bread in metal baskets and a cloth napkin, with little tin cups of butter. And we had a scallop with some sort of fancy edible flourish on a glass plate for an appetizer. For an entre I had wild BC Salmon with mashed potatoes and veggies. Then we came home and had coffee and tea and a desert that the two guests who joined us for the evening had brought. The polite name for the dessert was Mississippi Mud. The other…well, let’s just say it had something to do with marital bliss and a baking dish. wink. We were celebrating that night, Johannes and Marie-Louise twelfth anniversary and Sawaya’s 30th–yes my husband turns 30! birthday and the passing of his exam.


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