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Vancouver Day 5 or The Very Last of 2010
January 1, 2011, 2:21 am
Filed under: Vancouver

There is approximately one hour left in 2010. For some of you, the whole year is memory, but for me here in Vancouver, it is reality yet.

This morning my inlaws, Sawaya and I went for breakfast at a family’s from the party last night. We had “German Pancakes” as they call them–large, thicker-than-usual crepes with maple syrup, fruit and vanilla sauce. Yum.  Hmm, this trip to Vancouver is turning into a foodie blog. :)

Today’s activity as a trip up the mountain–to the ski lodge. We got to ride one of those awesome cable cars up up up the mountain. Sawaya wore his new hat and got some looks. And in the midst of snowboarders, that’s sayin’ something. :)

Now we’re watching Gifted Hands: the Story of Ben Carson. Tomorrow is a new year and as hope dwells eternal, I’ve got a pile of resolutions for the new year. :)

Sawaya and Marie-Louise


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