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Vancouver Day 5 or Pidgeon Holes
January 1, 2011, 11:16 pm
Filed under: Vancouver

Did you know that Asians think of pidgeons as a delicacy? That pidgeon is served with its head still in tact? Today we returned to the farm where we had the dinner party, and toured the farm. They raise pidgeons. The cooing and flapping of the farm is ready fodder for the horror movie. But prehaps I am influenced by my exposure to Hitchcock. Prehaps others think happily of Eden.

After the visit to the farm we drove out to the hot springs resort. It was freezing! I was not wearing appropriate sox. The view was stunning. They really do mountains right, here in BC. It would be nice walking in warmer weather. They have shops and places to eat. We stopped in one to have some hot chocolate, cinnamon buns and french fries. Here they put vinegar on their fries. As a fan of Salt and Vinegar chips, I approve. :)

Tonight, we were treated to one of the breakfasts that the guests enjoy here at the Haddon House. Johannes has an artistic flair for food arrangement.


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