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Vancouver Day 4 or Mary Laughs at Charlie Chaplin
December 31, 2010, 10:52 pm
Filed under: Vancouver

The last days of December after Christmas Day are like an exhibit of common farm animals at the exit of an exotic zoo. Of course, I am having a holiday, and not back to cleaning shower walls.

Yesterday I went on a walk with some of the Swiss and the dog, Duchess. My mom-in-law’s sister-in-law (how’s that for an exercise in hyphens?) is a happy lady who laughs easily. She brought along an English-German dictionary so that we could converse. She searches for a word. She finds it. “I like cheerful people” she tells me.


We visited the Burnaby Museum, the town where we are staying. It was a typical train-station little town. General Store, Post Office etc. They also had a little theatre playing Charlie Chaplin. It was funny! A silent film, no less. We also got to ride on a carousel.


We were to attend a dinner party in honor of Johannes’ birthday. A dinner party with strangers can be daunting, but I did meet two young women in the neighborhood of my age to chat with and one very not-shy little four year old. If you are lost in a dilusion about yourself, just hang out with a four year old. :) Telling the complete truth is (mercifully) a skill lost with age. Said the little girl snuggled on my lap “What are the name of your kids?” Ah. I am of the age of motherhood.


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