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Vancouver Day #1
December 28, 2010, 1:35 am
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In spite of snow, the trip came off without a hitch. Our bags arrived, side by side on the conveyor belt. Sawaya was ushered through customs on that magical green permanent resident carpet, and our flights flew away and landed without delays. Of course, for the third time in two trips, I was sitting in a mechanically challenged plane seat. My remote was broken and the tv screen persisted in staying on during a sleepy flight. But dare I complain, really? My third international trip in a year. Really?

Vancouver is very like Seattle Washington. And as I have never been to Seattle, but view it as yet another climate in our incredibly varied nation, I am happy to experience it. Its dewy, mossy forest has a magical feel to it. Tall, blunted cedars, cut off and sprouting new trees from it’s aged trunk. Moss growing like carpet on concrete steps. Beautifully large ferns.

We arrived late yesterday…today if you want to be literal…to the house. My mother-in-law is part of a large family and her brother and his wife own a bed and breakfast. There is a bit of a family reunion of which we are part. Four siblings together, four in-laws, and Sawaya and I. Plenty of German to go around. Our hosts are warm, friendly people. Mama’s brother is an ever-present laugh waiting to burst out. Bounding with energy, heavy in accent and seeming to delight in his collection of American phrases.

“You are working your butts off,” he told us happily, as Sawaya and I were helping with dinner.

They took us to the Vancouver aquarium today–I got lots of photos and am inspired for painting. We came home and ate a marvelous dinner. Grilled pork, potato salad, fresh tomatoes, pickles, rolls. I read for a little in the quiet living room, with one of the brothers  snoring in a chair. Later, the coffee and tea, cookies and chocolates were served while everybody played Farkle. Now, I’m in bed typing and Sawaya is streaming golf beside me. Here’s some photos. More to come.

The B&B where we are staying


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Mary, your illustration and photos are amazing!!! God has surely blessed you with such talent!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your hubby!!


Thank you Rachel!

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

Thanks for a little bit of your enjoyment. Looks like an enjoyable time.

Comment by sarah

What a beautiful place! I must admit, that kitchen made me a little jealous. :) Keep posting, I enjoy reading your writing.

Comment by Audrey

Mary, Sounds fabulous! I’m SO glad you didn’t have any travel difficulties with all the snow and bad weather on the East coast. I have been a few times to the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t agree more about the magical feel of the mossy, lush forests with huge quiet trees and sprawling ferns. ENJOY the rest of your visit to this beautiful place and with family!

Comment by MaryJ

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