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Another Weekend Away
November 14, 2010, 10:18 pm
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Since my husband has necessarily relocated to Florida, the normalcy of my life has taken a turn. I am now quite the traveler. This weekend I went to my brother’s house in the Charlotte area. I have returned to my personless, cold house, started the heat, turned on lights, and done another quite magical thing. I have lit a candle. Thousands of young women across the USA and around the world may also be lighting candles tonite, but my candle is no ordinary candle. It has not accompanied dinner, nor has it lighted a memorial.It has not even saved a soul from a day or two in purgatory! (I speak as a fool to borrow from Paul) My candle has brought Christmas into my cabin. 

Previously, and still, I am a big fan of Mistletoe from Yankee candle as being my favorite Christmas scent. Now, on this weekend trip, from the kindness of Olivia, I have a Yankee candle “Christmas in Paris” which ressembles, if differing at all, the mistletoe scent. Thank you, Olivia. I am not decorating the cabin yet, although I am tempted to this weekend. Maybe I’ll first get renter’s insurance in case the Christmas tree burns down from being too dry or some such decorating mishap.

Christmas in Paris

We took a train into downtown Charlotte


A very large Christmas tree

A very large ornament

Yes, that is my name on an eggnog latte :)


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