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Wednesday painting
November 10, 2010, 9:27 pm
Filed under: Women in Literature

once again, dorothy

The painting session is done for the evening, and the bike painting is not. SIGH. Is it that I’m painting bikes, or that I’m painting a painting that has already been painted! (say that five times fast). What’s next? At least Dorothy is done…with the option of touching it up if desired. Well, an end to the bikes will be reached, and Lizzy Bennet will get some late attention. And I’m tired and going to bed and watching an Audrey Hepburn…movie review to follow at later date. :)

the never ever to be completed ever bike painting. :)

And one last thing…

Prehaps you see my slow progress on art and think that I am wasting time. Well, yes, I do waste time. But there’s more to that. My hubs in gone for two whole months, and I decided before this program were a certainty that if he had to go away I would use the time to get something done that has been hanging around in my mind. So… I have a project in the works getting some attention. And I won’t announce it til it’s done. Only I will reference it now and then, such as… I could have worked on it tonite after painting, but instead I’m going to watch a movie and blog…



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