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Oh dear
October 26, 2010, 9:34 pm
Filed under: Women in Literature

Today I bought a tiny brush. But even with the tiny brush, I painted thick, clumsy looking lines. Paint consistency? Lack of patience? Lest you misunderstand, the “outline” look is what I’m going after… if I dare to show the great Mucha in the same entry as my Dorothy, let me show you an example…

Mucha...notice the lovely use of black line...

Anyway, here’s where Dorothy is at the moment. I’m not done with the black line…going to “clean it up” some when it’s dry… And of course paint the words…and yes, the tin man does get hands, don’t worry. so… to continue with oil, or stay with Watercolor only? Anyone have an opinion out there? Which do you prefer?! See below, and vote.



In other news… I had a nice prowl in Mast’s General Store downtown. Willow Tree makes Christmas ornaments! Didst thou know? It was muggy today–who killed the nice fall weather?! It’s been lovely up here in Flat Rock. Now, it’s raining, the radio is on and I’m blogging from the comfy lazy boy thanks to a trip to ACE to buy a two prong to three prong adaptor. :) Now I’m going to work out and burn off some of the calories I’ve chowed down today. Do you ever have days when you can’t stop eating? Mercy.


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