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War and Peace
October 20, 2010, 7:13 pm
Filed under: Book Club

If Leo Tolstoy and Wendell Berry were contemporaries, they could have a details-war. :) Tolstoy, a true writer, gives reverence and worship to words and the order of them. He masters the description of trivial details and the capturing of the subtleties of life. I am not done with the book yet. Today, I finished section 5 of 10. But just guess. The free-promo audio book… I didn’t end up with all the parts downloaded. I missed section 6. And of course, I’ve already canceled my account. So, what am I to do, but go borrow War and Peace from the library and read the missing section. 

 At first,I was amused by this monstrous book, then bored. But by now, the development of several characters and the interaction of their lives makes me feel like I have a whole new set of acquaintances. :) When I will finish it I don’t know. I read far less in books nowadays than I read on my iPod. What would Tolstoy have said to that! I dust flat screen TV’s and clean microwaves while listening in on the conversations of Prince Andre.

I do have a weekend to post, but that will wait. Yes, it is Wednesday. Wait til tomorrow.


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