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Sketches of Kenya 2
October 6, 2010, 8:36 pm
Filed under: Art for Africa

I’m sitting here, with my Smart Wool clad feet up, in a study lounge in a dorm at UNC-Asheville. To my left a girl is doing homework with earphones and to my right a guy is sleeping with earphones. I’m back in college.

Here, all at once, is the remainder of my Kenya sketchbook… that which I’m choosing to show. I have yet to draw anything state-side. I will continue to post the innards on my sketchbook (my, that was poetic).  


This is one of Fatuma’s daughters. Hi Mary –she remembered my name. I didn’t remember her.  I asked her what her name was and she did the typical Samburu young female response: a half-whispered name. Next trip, I will remember her.


The 3 hour away village of Nolpilipili…a new climate. Desert and camels. In this mountain range is the natural spring, falling down from an opening in the foilage-covered rock. Fresh water. The Mamas would hike every two days to bring a meager supply of water back to their families. Until my father in law with the help of the villagers put in a water system–a thin line of metal pipe threading through the desert–that brings water in abundance to them.

The kitchen

The pastor has a home like we know one. But keeps an outside kitchen as well as an inside one to keep the house cooler. This kitchen was kept busy during our stay preparing lots of goat-meals. grimace.

the inside kitchen, from the living room

Behind this curtain is the inside kitchen–where i would wash dishes (my contribution :) In fact, I washed up one time, sharing the kitchen with a goat’s stomache sitting in a pot on the counter. I’ve heard that it’s good fried. Can’t say that the “hearing” will ever turn into the “knowing. ” :)

Haven Home

In this dining hall of the children’s home my husband once sat, as a small skinny child.  Little did I know, as I was a child daydreaming of love, that my future husband was in Kenya, in a brick building under a pine tree, eating porridge.


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