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Dorothy-the Sketch
September 16, 2010, 11:01 pm
Filed under: Women in Literature

Prehaps I would have more impact if I waited til the watercolor study, or the final oil painting to present Dorothy. But maybe you’d get tired of waiting for it. :) Anyway, here is a sketch…mostly finished, but in need of some adjustment. “Over” needs to be bumped up to make room for “the”– which will be inserted, don’t fret. “Over Rainbow” is a little stunted, wouldn’t you say? I’m including, first of all, a picture of my Dorothy model, Hannah, with whom I used to attend church in VA. She  literally came dressed to church in this outfit and at my request wore it again another Sunday so I could photograph her. Her face is amazing.

hannah, my model

Although the red shoes were the movie’s creation (the original story says silver) I will be sticking with the red.  The next step, once I have my drawing fixed up, is to do a study for the painting in watercolor, which will be (if all goes well) a piece in and of itself. It won’t be “the” official piece, which will be done in oil. I’ve yet to do a piece like this in oil, and I’m excited about the possibilities…

the incomplete drawing

ooooh i forgot. Do I have to include Toto?


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Awww, you should include Toto! He could be at her feet near the O, or peeking out from behind the chair. BUT it is lovely as it is, too. Just imagining her shoes in the bright, ruby red.

Comment by Mary J

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