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Grow-outs and other local arts:)
July 8, 2010, 7:41 pm
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I’m suffering from a pretty bad case of grow-out. The remains of dye/highlights and maybe even a dash of Sun-In (yes, they still sell that stuff) and my natural color– a digression of a blonde not-quite turned true brown. I’m cheap and impatient at this point, so I’m doing it myself, even though I have a friend who would do it professionally and maybe even cheaply. One day when I live in Kenya, the beauty salon that I will call Life on the Equator will do the job for me and I will be nat-ur-al. :) But as I spend most my time indoors in the good ole USA where it is miserably hot currently I have a decision…fake it, or be naturally blah? :) It took me a long while to venture into the land of faking-the-hair. Maybe I’m a purist at heart– I like my makeup but still find the idea somewhat absurd…painting yourself? Granted, we all know God gave women fingernails to be painted. Like giving us a Dry-Erase board to play with.

So prehaps, tonite will find in this house, a one-toned head and a finished painting. Uncertainty as to both.

My Music After Diner is still not done even though it is one of the smaller paintings I’ve ever done. It is close, however. I have uploaded now, some pictures to choose from for my Feast of the Local, which is a title that I just now came up with and might possibly use…. hmmm…

So. What say you? Any favorites? And…do you have a favorite local haunt? Or photograph that you would grant to a poor artist? Not Greenville downtown.  The owner doth not wish it. In a way, it would be an easy out. But in a way, it would be like painting the Eifel Tower. No, no, Greenville, you are not Paris… Don’t get a big head now.

Travelers Rest

Like this one. Think watercolor will be the medium of choice…

Inside the Cafe

Oil, methinks.

Sunrift Adventures, TR

And again I say, Oil.


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