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Indian Maiden…
June 30, 2010, 9:52 pm
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If anyone loves antique stores, than can I recommend a rummage through Hendersonville’s downtown? A box of civil war bullets–morose don’t you think? For $4 you can own the tiny bit of metal that made a young widow, or took the only son of mother hoping and praying back home… 

 If that isn’t to your taste, you can have pack of old silverware. Or a vintage hat. Or a stuffed peacock. In one store there are boxes of vintage postcards. How interesting to see the scrawl of one person to another through the plastic sleeves. I bought one to mail Jane at camp. A picture–oh 1930’s? of a woman (badly in need of a set of free weights ) in a swim suit. And I bought this one– of an Indian Girl. I’m thinking of buying a bulletin board, covering it in fabric and hanging it above my studio space– a good space for this sort of thing. 

I don’t know about you, but for me Indian maidens are romantic. Maybe I will do a painting of one… maybe I’ll actually complete a painting one of these days! :0

nice yellow...


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