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Snow White circa…1930?
April 26, 2010, 4:27 pm
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Ever notice the way movie makers completely ignore reality? Like Lucy sleeping in full PJ’s in her own separate bed? Or the same lady going to bed in full makeup? Then there’s the way that the characters of the story resemble the time period they were made in… Prehaps the most ridiculous example is Disney’s (of all things!) Snow White. The brothers Grimm published Snow White in the 1800’s. 

Theodore Hoseman 1852

 By the time Disney re-created her in the 1930’s…she looked, well… check it out.


Nancy Carroll...acted in the 30's

hmm... notice any similarity?

Months ago, I came up with this drawing for my own version of Snow White… while the witch admittedly looks as if the artist watched Disney’s Snow White …ahem… at least give some credit for Betty Boop not being present. :) I’m pleased with this sketch, which has sat as-is for months. A matter of a few hours will turn this from a torn page from a sketchbook to a painting… an available painting, might I add. :) 

Snow White... entitled, what?


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