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The enjoyment of a book…
April 20, 2010, 6:54 pm
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Ever read a book, checking how much you have left, like one checks the bedside clock and sees happily that forty five minutes remain?

Come Kindles, and go Kindles, books will remain. The smell of them, the weight of them, the pictures, notes, coupons and bits of trash tucked between their pages to mark the spot. I received this month’s book club book in the mail today…refraining from opening it until I finished last month’s assignment–Autobiography by Ben Franklin. Autobiography was amusing, insightful, informative, and altogether a good read (I recommend), but our next novel, pictured below, is a romance. Romance to Franklin is red lipstick to Blistex, is espadrilles to office pumps, is jazz to the Doxology… Not to say Ben’s stodgy or boring, for that he is not.

"a few of my favorite things..."

romance hits the blacksburg book club

One more picture…a painting I found online. Serene, isn’t it?

A calm morning...


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Fun! I started reading the new book club novel this weekend and am more than halfway through. Talk about a page turner.

Love that last image. (Except for the chair she’s sitting in that must be horribly uncomfortable.)

Comment by Rebecca

are you? I’m going to read a bit tonite… got an EARLY morning tomorrow…

Comment by marylekoshereillustrated

Mine arrived yesterday, too! And I agree, though I appreciated the Autobiography, I’m looking forward to a page-turner :).

Comment by mary

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