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temporary art
April 18, 2010, 12:30 pm
Filed under: hodge-podge

I’m of the ilk that likes to make lasting art. Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime. Little did he know how his art would carry on…the millions that would stand and look and find inspiration. The moms who would have “starry night” imprinted on a beachbag full of Nicholas Spark and Ritz Crackers. But some people thrive on art that is merely temporary. I guess it lives on in the blogs of the world, and in the tourist’s camera… but it isn’t hung on a museum wall, and sometimes…only one person gets to appreciate it. I have, in fact, become part of this world. I’ve painted wall murals. One man’s treasure, is another man’s trash. I’ll probably be on HGTV someday as the house-hunter walks in and say “Oh! What an awful mural. That has to go.”

Below are some samples of temporary art…

Take for instance, Burt. 

an afternoon shower and...

And then the picture, which is the inspiration for this blog… isn’t this lovely? I’m going to visit this shop and see if they can do “starry night” for me… :) 



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