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A loverly picture…
April 15, 2010, 7:26 pm
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This is certainly not one of the most common Norman Rockwell’s you’ll find. In fact, I couldn’t even remember who painted this. I had an epiphany yesterday, and sure enough, when I looked through my Rockwell book today–there is was! I can’t, however, find this picture on Google Images (gasp!) If anyone wants to volunteer to go on a witch-hunt and find me a picture online of this painting…or better yet, find me a print I can buy!

 Rockwell created a world of safety, beauty, and pure pleasure. Louisa May Alcott was another such creator. For the one to paint the other…how fitting.  To those of you who know the thrill of creating, or simply the coziness of enjoying someone else’s creation… this picture needs no words.

Louisa May Alcott


Two illustrations for Louisa


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wow – I had no idea Rockwell did this! That’s so cool! Two artists that I love!

Comment by Rachel H.

That is really fantastic. Very unexpected Rockwell. And it’s Alcott, yes? But what a perfect Jo. Love it.

Comment by Rebecca

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