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The After-Move
April 13, 2010, 2:24 pm
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The “after-move” has taken status in my mind of that of an “after-life.” I feel as if I’m getting a fresh start, and am planning goals for my new life. :) I was watching a show the other day about a woman preparing her house to be sold. The person helping her told her that she needed to organize her laundry space because people moving into a new home envision themselves being organized. BINGO. The plan in my head is to take on work cleaning houses–tough, but good pay. I want to clean Monday-Thursday, and take Friday for a day of being serious about getting artwork done. Think of it! Getting up, drinking coffee, putting on some emotive music and spending the day amongst artwork. :) Also included in my plan is to implement Thursdays as my DOGA DAY–“day of great accomplishment.” The day one would use to sew on a button that came off your sweater November 2008, or put away that pile of papers that accumulated on your dresser. Or write your Aunt, or catch up on invoicing…all that good stuff. I also plan to clean my OWN house once a week. (i think i can, i think i can…) I plan to spend some time (not organized yet) to do a little Rosetta Stone Swahili. And then there is my blog…zee blog. I intend to blog daily. Maybe just a sentence accompanied by some lovely stolen picture of artwork. :) Anyway, laugh if you will you scoffers! Just wait and see. :) 

So here’ s my pic for the day. Mary Jaasma posted these on my facebook wall… I never did read Redwall, but I got one from the library as a kid. I think it started with a mouse, tripping over his sandals. These illustrations are amazing, so enjoy. 

Redwall art 1


Redwall Art 2--like the tinted paper!


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I like your plan. And I really like the sound of your Fridays. Somehow, tomorrow (Wednesday) ended up being a day wherein I have nothing to do but write (no errands! How did that happen?) – I am looking forward to it so happily.

Comment by Rebecca

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