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Sarah’s project
March 11, 2010, 9:07 am
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Sarah is one of those women that insists on being a blessing to everyone. She whirls in now and again, with ten minutes to spare, grabs a cup of coffee and laughs. Her laughter makes life seem amusing rather than stressful. She lives on a little faux-farm with a garden and a chicken house tucked into the corner. She brought me part of her welcome sign–a little metal piece with a faded, peeling picture of a rooster on it. She wanted me to paint a sign for her, and told me what it should say, and what verse reference should be on it. I procrastinated, as usual, and eventually got around to working on it. I pulled out my set of acrylics. To me acrylics are in the same category as vinyl siding, and plastic glasses. An invention of man. A less than aesthetic imitation of the Creator’s quality. Vinyl siding houses are Fisher Price for big people. Anyway, I do not love acrylic paint, but acknowledge that for “crafts” they are excellent. This particular set of paints dates back to an high-school art class I took at the Greenville Museum. I’m 25. Do the math. :)

I painted the rooster, and with happiness ticked that project off as done. Sarah came, with her bag of yarn and sample hats…my payment is two hand knitted hats, one for me and one for Sawaya. The beanies look small. I tell her I have a big head, but she says these hats were made for adults. I am to try them on. Have you ever had to do something–had to do it–and it made you look ridiculous, but there was no way out. Here I was, standing in the little half bath by the office, putting these beanies on my larger-than-your-average-bear head. I looked like I should be reading the Torah rather than playing in the snow.  “You do have a big head,” says Sarah, laughing.  That established, I picked out the colors, and Sarah departed. A little while later she phoned. I’d painted the wrong verse on her welcome sign. Instead of Amos 4:13 ” For behold, He who forms the mountains…” I’d painted Amos 4:11 as the verse that welcomes strangers and friends to their home. “I overthrew some of you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah…”  And of course, Sarah was laughing.


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Mary, that is hilarious – the verse. Wow.

The sign is wonderfully lovely and fun and – perfect. I really enjoy seeing the bits of your talent that you post here.

Comment by Becca

Oh Mary, I laughed till I cried! I read it out loud to Greg and laughed till I cried again! I love looking into your life through these blogs. I miss you!

Comment by Sue Ann

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