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“hi jane” —ta da!
March 8, 2010, 10:33 pm
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painted sample

Ok, let’s take a vote. How many of you say “mary shouldn’t set deadlines for herself anymore”? :) Well, well, at last I have hi jane to show you! I have finished my mock- up book, with a few corrections to make…”petals” instead of “pedals” and correcting “valentine”… 

Last night I painted the samples, so now I just have to type up the manuscript, and make some copies, find a publisher… 

This post will be a little long, but here goes! 

James likes Jane. "hi jane," says James.

But Jane just ignores him.

So James makes Jane a valentine.

And Jane eats it.

So James brings Jane a balloon.

But Jane just lets it float away.

So James bakes Jane some muffins.

jane feeds them to her pet fish.

James draws Jane a picture.

Jane crumples is up and throws is away.

And then James gives Jane a flower.

But Jane picks of the petals. James is sad. He is so sad that he rolls himself into a little prickly ball.

Jane doesn't know what to do.

So she nudges him with her foot. But James doesn't move. So she pushes him down the hill.

But James still doesn't move.

So Jane brings him a valentine.

And a balloon.

Then she bakes him some muffins.

Jane finds the drawing.

And then she brings him flowers.

But James won't come out.

And then...

James gets up.

He gives Jane a flower.

Jane is happy. James is happy.

So they sit down and have a muffin.

The End

painted sample

painted sample


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I enjoyed that.

A Lot.

(And I vote that you should set smaller goals for yourself…and not condense your work into one or two-week deadlines. But although I’ve been waiting a long time for this, it was worth the wait :D )

Comment by Rachel H.

I loved it!:)

Comment by Esther

I LOVE this!! Can’t wait to buy a copy!! Such a cute book :o)

Comment by Hannah Rice

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